Xijiang New Town

Source: Investment Yunfu Published: 10/16/2015 16:29 PM Views: 3624

Geographic Location: Northwest Yunfu

Planned Area: 80 km2, with about 40 km2 reserved for construction.

Industry Positioning: leisure and health, trading and logistics, culture and education, leisure and ecotourism, production service, and other urban economic undertakings.

In terms of CBD projects, Xijiang New Town Central Business District is the core area for Yunfu New District to take shape, and Yunfu’s future business hub; with the support of Yunfu East Station for Nanning-Guangzhou HSR, it will become a business service area integrating businesses, hotels, financial services and residential apartments. Currently, this area’s urban complex projects have attracted participation by a number of powerful investors such as Country Garden Group, Aoyuan Group, Baoneng Group, Everbright Group, Nimble Group, Huasheng Darunfa, Badi Group, Tianle Group.

In terms of public service projects, focus is on accelerated development of community support projects of education, medical care, starred hotels, and cultural and art centers, including 4 schools (Guangdong Huali Technology School, South China Normal University Yunfu Affiliated School, Country Garden International School, and Hotel Management School jointly established with Lausanne Company of Switzerland).