​Vocational Education Training

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Vocational Education Training



Number of  students

Luoding Polytechnic

Automotive maintenance & inspection, computer application technology, electrical automation technology,  modern educational technology, automobile technical service & marketing, language education and accounting.

More than 9,900

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology  Vocational College (Yunfu Campus)

Moulding, automotive maintenance & inspection, power system automation technology, software technology and computer  network.

More than 3,000

Xinxing School of Traditional Chinese  Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine,  pharmaceutical manufacturing of TCM, pharmaceutics, nursing, midwifery,  rehabilitation and health maintenance of TCM, Chinese medical beauty, foreign  nursing, etc.

More than 9,500

Yunfu Senior Technical School

Computer application & maintenance,  numerical control machining, mechatronics,  manufacturing, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and  automotive maintenance.

More than 3,500

Yunfu Polytechnic School

Motor vehicle engineering, installation and  maintenance of electromechanical devices, accounting, pre-school education,  computer application and Chinese cuisine.

More than 4,000

Note: The above data as of April 25, 2015.