Social insurance standard

Source: Investment Yunfu Published: 12/02/2015 11:18 AM Views: 3790

Social insurance standard


Endowment  insurance

Medical  insurance

Work-related  injury insurance

Unemployment  insurance

Maternity  insurance

Standard  for enterprises’ share



ClassA:  0.5%

Class B:  1%

ClassC:  1.5%


July-December 2014: 0.5%

January-June 2015: 1%

Standard  for individuals’ share






Note: The average wage of incumbent employees in the Province in 2013 was RMB 4,468. For the basic premium of employee’s basicendowment insurance, the lower limit and upper limit were RMB2,139 andRMB13,404 in July-December 2014 and RMB2,408 and RMB13,404 in January-June2015, respectively. For a wage higher than RMB2,139/2,408, the basic premiumshall be subject to actual wage; while the part above RMB13,404 shall not betaken into account for endowment insurance premiums. In 2014, the payment proportion of the employee’s basic endowment insurance for enterprises was 13%,while that for individuals remained at 8%.

Note: The above data as of April 25, 2015.