Wen’s Group

Source: Investment Yunfu Published: 12/04/2015 17:54 PM Views: 4262

Wen’s Group is a large, diversified modern husbandrycorporation, specialized in   pig,chicken, duck and cattle farming, supplemented with food processing,agriculture and husbandry machinery. Currently the group has established anetwork of 170 companies in 23 provinces, municipalities, and autonomousregions. 

In 2014, Wen’s Group sold out 12.18 million pigs, 697 million chickens,16.99 million ducks, generating a turnover of RMB 38 billion. Wen’s Group is amongthe nationally leading enterprises leader in agricultural industrialization,national-level  innovative enterprises,top 500 enterprises in China, and  50 mostcompetitive large-sized enterprises in Guangdong, with Wen’s being oneof the most influential brands in China’s husbandry industry.